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The Executives
The source code for the hidden TeamViewer bot with the admin panel. The bot is a 94 kb dll that manages TeamViewer. Bild in Visual Studio 2010.
Microsoft Excel file with the extension .xls with the request to include a macro weight of 121 KB uploads and installs the bot
Script victim's scan computer, flash drives, network balls, bookmarks and browsers history for keywords and links for example ", bitcoin, wallet.dat, webmoney "- the results of the search are sent to the mail in a text file with paths to the yummy, along with the bot ID in the header of the letter for easy identification of the victims.
Keylogger based on Punto Switcher

Features of TeamViewer bot:

+ Admin panel with GeoIP, with information on the system - microphone, webcam, sending commands to bots, the ability to sort the bots, showing all the bots - online time, offline, infection time
+ Loading and running dll from the TeamViewer memory, auto-load with them
+ Encrypted configuration, bot files hidden and system
+ Good news for a beginner! No more need to suffer with hosting, dynamic dns and mp. The bot sends its ID to the email and works through TeamViewer servers very stably and quickly (bypass NAT, BackConnect)
+ Hidden boot of bot after restarting the computer
+ Hidden installation of TeamViewer VPN (if permissions allow)
+ RDP via TeamViewer VPN. Works without patching termsrv.dll - it's very stable you can not be afraid of Windows updates
+ Creates a hidden RDP account in the system
+ Creates the possibility of a hidden RDP session in one account with the victim
+ The hidden TeamViewer bot does not conflict with the previously installed TeamViewer
+ View screen, control, file manager, cmd, the ability to run files directly from the manager file (hidden and plain )
+ Sending commands from TeamViewer chat
+ Stable works on all win32 / x64 including Windows 10
+ Original TeamViewer files are not altered digital signatures are not touched, that gives loyalty AB and proaktivok
+ View webcams, wiretapping microphone
+ Boat works even in the guest Uche ke, the UAC silent
+ many other pieces of trivia

Video review old versions without GeoIP in admike, script and other buns
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There are sorts + finished files in the BIN folder. Only in the config to drive the admin panel
For the assembly of VS.SU VS 2010.
and configure itself.



Not download link.