Terms and conditions for The Executive /Elite/Legend Membership

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Terms and conditions for The Executive /Elite/Legend Membership

1. No refund policy, and if you open a dispute you will be banned automatically no 2nd chances.

2. We will not held responsible for any file you download from here.

3. You are solely responsible for every activity.

4. If we find you sharing The Executive /Elite/Legend resources anywhere else you will be permanently banned and no refund will be issued! So don't do it! We are striving to be the number one hacking Community and Leeching just hurts it for everyone!

5. There are some limits on downloads and you most have some post before you and subscribe for this upgrades

6. Downloading everything from The Executive /Elite/Legend resources will be treated as leeching and your will be banned. An Example of this, Downloading all themes or add-on's in a short period of time.

7. You will have to up grade from 1 stage to another you can not just jump over to The Executive and if you are member of Legend you can not download from Elite and Elite can not download from The Executive while The Executive and download from all use your brain dont be a kid

8. Making over 100 good thread will make you join the heroes group

Rules are Subject to change without notice.
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